So, what is this "neuroblastoma" thing anyway?

My Google News RSS feed on neuroblastoma picked up a pretty quick but informative read on the basics of neuroblastoma. The piece comes from Metro West Daily News, which appears to be a section of the Boston Herald, and is in the format of a doctor's response to a reader's question. It seems a pretty well-written summary of NB, with little information that I disagree with or take exception to (after you've done this NB parent thing for awhile, you even start to disagree with doctors and common assertions about the disease based on your own experience and those of others you know).

So, you can refresh your neuroblastoma knowledge with this primer from Dr. Jeff Hersh.


Mark said...

Thanks for this informative link on neuroblastoma. I'm new to your blog and find it to be a great read. Good luck to you and your family during this.

Melis said...

Hi Cancer Dad,
I found your site (we have a similar site for our NB kid www.mikulak.com). I don't know if you've found the www.acor.org site yet, but it's really great. You can connect with a lot of other NB parents - a lot of whom are looking for ways to find a cure for this f'ing thing and finding ways to make good things happen. Look for posts by Niel Hutchinson, Jack London and Andy Mikulak. All the best for your son and family. Hang in there,
An NB Mom