Not knowing is not good. Or maybe it isn't. Maybe not knowing is okay if what you don't know is bad. What I don't know right now is if the one round of chemo Nathan has had since this bone marrow relapse has done any damn good. What I won't know for awhile is if the second round he will hopefully start next week (Send good thoughts on this. Timing is important when hitting this with multiple rounds of chemo.) will do any good. I don't know what is next in terms of treatment, therapy, travel, etc. I don't know a lot of things related to this and all of those unknowns scare the shit out of me or worse. Not knowing sucks. Or maybe it doesn't. I guess I just don't know.


Matt Dick said...

That's a hell of a rabbit hole to have to go down.

curly said...

I found your site off of the good geek's blog, and wanted to tell you that I think of your family often and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Love from a recent hodgkin's survivor,

The Maven said...

I also found your site through The Good Geeks and wanted to let you know that you, your family and especially little Nathan are in my thoughts and prayers. I can't imagine what a struggle this has been for all of you. I will keep checking back for updates on how your sweet little boy is doing.