The Importance of Family

My parents are coming for a visit. We were trying so hard to visit them, but then everyone's health here started to "go South". I'm really looking forward to having them here. "Looking forward to" isn't quite right. I think some of that good parent love will be good for me. Once we started our family I gained a new appreciation for my parents. I think that is natural. You begin to understand what the love they feel for you must be like as you experience a similar (I don't believe any love can be the same) love for your own children. I get an even stronger sense of that now. I struggle constantly with watching Nathan fight, mostly unknowingly, for his very life and the fear and pain that it causes me. I feel so hopeless so much of the time. I know my parents feel the same way as they fear not only for the life of a grandchild, but also feel helpless while watching their own child suffer. They sure have had a rough road through this battle too. They do make a difference, even though they may not feel that way at times.

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