Honesty about "the end"

Susan pointed this out to me and it popped on my Google News feed about neuroblastoma as well. If you look hard enough you can find a lot of stories/biographies about kids with neuroblastoma and other cancers. There are lots of smaller town papers that carry features about the kids and families that are sick in their community. You can read blogs or journals that families keep about treatment. Rarely will you find a lot of detail shared about a child's final days. Occasionally you run across a journal that lays it all out there. There is a story prominently located on The Arizona Daily Star's online service about the final days of a young boy's brave and brutal battle with neuroblastoma. This article isn't an easy read, especially if you are close to Nathan or any other child fighting this battle. It is very brave of this family to share this part of their son's story. I can't imagine a more private time and event, but it is important, I think, for people to understand the pain and brutality that cancer wreaks on these amazing and beautiful children. This family was very brave to have shared. We should honor their bravery by reading and sharing their story.


shadowfax said...

Thanks for sharing Luke. I think about you and Susan and Nathan every day.


thegoodgeeks said...
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thegoodgeeks said...

I don't know how anyone could read that story and finish it with dry eyes.

I think of you guys and mr nathan every single time I look at my Rachel.