Fever Watch

We are all pretty tired around here. We have had the obvious stresses of illness, hospital stays, restless sleep, and etc. It seems we may all be sharing a bit of a bug now too. Lauren's nose is running and she was crankier than usual. Susan was dozing by 8pm and out for the night as soon as Lauren went down. I'm beat at 10:30pm as I write this. I just checked Nathan's temperature though and it was higher than I'm comfortable with. His docs are being really good about trying to keep him out of the hospital. If we can get his fever down with antibiotics and fever reducers (tylenol) then they want to keep him at home. His fever just shot up pretty good though. It was time for the tylenol, but I'm not comfortable going to bed until I know it has gone down. I'll check him again at 11:30pm and then hopefully it will be low enough to crash until our alarm goes off at 3am to check him and give him more tylenol. This sucks, but it is better than having him in the hospital if we can get it back in control until his counts go up.


Kate said...

Very glad to read on Nathan's site that his CMV test is negative.

Susan ratted you out that you aren't resting. You're getting a dirty look from me right now. lol

Cool Hand Luke said...

Yeah. She ratted me out. I come from a long line of people that like to take it easy, except when they really should.