Mark my words...

For obvious reasons I'm a big fan of any organization that focuses on awareness of and finding cures for pediatric cancers. Coaches Curing Kids' Cancer combines these noble efforts with sports, another thing I'm a big fan of.

For those ESPN College GameDay fans, former college football coach and current analyst Lee Corso was just named the organizations National Spokesman. Good for Corso. Good for the organization to have such a recongnizable (thing about the people involved in it and their target) spokesman.

I've seen glimpses into corporate press release writing and seen "quotes" sent to the person they would be attributed to for review before incorporation into a press release. This was obviously done with Corso for this release, and the author of the quote got Corso's signature "Mark my words..." into it. Nice touch.
“What a win-win,”’ said Corso. “Teams get to say thank you to their coaches while the money goes to new pediatric cancer treatments. Mark my words – Coaches Curing Kids’ Cancer is going to be huge.”


Liam said...

Maybe I've been watching too much Simpsons, but it seems to me that the proper title for such an organization should be:

Koaches Kuring Kid's Kancer

Whaddya think? Too light-hearted?

Anonymous said...

I see that someone else recently purchased the Simpsons Season 8 DVD.