Nathan's CaringBridge site went over 200,000 visits sometime in the last couple of days. That blows my mind. Susan created the site 1,213[1] days ago. I know the traffic ebbs and flows depending on Nathan's status (I think we have been getting somewhere around 300 visits a day over this last week of chemo), but just for fun on average we have seen roughly 166 visits per day over a period of 3 years and 4 months.

Wow. Thanks for caring.

[1] I think it is fun that the quickest and simplest way for me to calculate the number of days was to query Oracle with
select sysdate - to_date('2003-04-13', 'yyyy-mm-dd') from dual ;


Anonymous said...

I "met" Susan and Nathan via an ivillage site last year for Nov. Expecting Moms. I was captivated by your family and I keep up with you guys at least daily, these past weeks your sites are the first ones I check when I'm online. I share your ups and downs with my husband and teenage kids, my daughter who is almost 6 recognizes Nathan's pictures and understands some of the things she's heard me talking about. We are really thinking of you and your family.
Sondra Moore
Ocala, FL

Jill O said...

That is amazing and impressive! Not only has Nathan's CaringBridge page kept me in the loop from afar, but it has also educated me. For that, I thank you.

As for the amazing Oracle, Jason will love that comment! I find it sad that you can get hit counts on a personal level web site, yet I work in an IT shop where we are not able to provide hit counts to the very heavily utilized web site that I support. DAH!

Kate said...

Lots of love coming to the Gentry family from Boston. 10 hits a day are probably from me.