Back to School

My boy is going to school tomorrow. "All day" school. First grade. They have been in session for a couple of weeks. Nathan's immune system hasn't been up to snuff for being out of the house much, let alone sharing a small space with a bunch of snot-nosed kids. He has been getting tutored at home, but we want more than the learning for him. We want him to experience school and make friends. He has a window of a couple of days that he can go while his counts are up and before we head to New York for tests and maybe more treatment. There is a really high likelihood that the next treatment he gets will knock his immune system down again for awhile where he can't be in school, so I'm really happy that he gets to go to school tomorrow. Really. I feel happy about it. It is nice to feel good, even if it is only for a brief moment.

As I closed the door of their bedroom tonight after going in to tell them to stop talking to each other and go to sleep, I heard Nathan say quietly, "Julia, I'm going to have fun tomorrow". And yes, I'm teary-eyed as I type that.

My boy is going to have fun tomorrow.


shadowfax said...

Fuck yeah.

Matt said...

I'm thrilled to hear it.

wilablog said...

Rock on.

Kate said...

I spent most of yesterday thinking about him in my free time. I love his picture on the caringbridge page!