First Baldrick's post of 2008

Susan and I were talking about St. Baldrick's at lunch and it occurred to me that a group of friends had already started up a team to participate. This is a good organization and they raise money in a very fun way. There are all kids of events. I've attended two and both were at Irish pubs. That seems the way to go.

This is my first heads-up. I'll probably post more as the dates get close.

Nathan's Network is a group of friends formed by Baldrick's veteran Matt D. The team is geographically diverse. Matt participates at Fado in Chicago. Nathan attended there one year and took a few swipes at Matt's hair with the clippers. It looks like Matt will have a good group there with him this year. Some of the team will likely be shaved somewhere around Phoenix, Seattle, and maybe other locales.

There are currently two other (outside of Nathan's Network) shavees signed up in honor of Nathan. I don't know either of them. Susan has had some correspondence with one of them. You can find all shavees honoring Nathan here.

Some regular readers here are annual contributors to Baldrick's and have already donated. Thanks to everyone participating either through shaving/cutting or making contributions. Susan and I are moved by your generosity, and even more by your desire to honor and remember Nathan.

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Cara said...

Cancer Dad,
I have exciting news. St. Baldrick's is happenind in Phoenix this year. March 15, 2008 to be exact.
My firm is working with Desert Ridge to coordinate the event. It will be on their center(district) stage from 12:00-4:00.

We are very excited.

My son Brady has a rare blood disease and began chemo when he was 13 weeks old. He is six now and has been in remission for four years. We have been lucky, but he is not out of the woods until he is ten.

I hope you and your friends can join us for the Phoenix St. Baldrick's event at Desert Ridge.

I can be reached at cara@8020marketing.biz - I am not a traditional blogger.