Nothing specific today to post about, other than to just comment how it has been a pretty rough time as far as news for other NB families that we know. A wonderful little girl from a truly loving and giving family that we met in New York has relapsed. A family whose little boy has chemo-resistant NB has just found out that their 11 week old daughter may also have neuroblastoma. It is uncommon, but not unheard of for more than one child to have NB.

Every time I hear this type of news it makes me sick to contemplate the suffering of so many beautiful children and their families.


Anonymous said...

I have much to say and share and hope you will take a moment to contact me.

Whether or not comments here are public, I don't know.

I'm terribly sorry about your loss of Nathan and only hope that what I have to share with you will help in some small manner.




Anonymous said...

Do not contact graham kmem. He is a convicted con artist who preys on victims.