Today is Julia's birthday. She turns six. She has been an emotional wreck for the last several days. I think that there are a lot of things contributing. She was sick and out of school (she needs school to keep her occupied and she loves it). Then Monday was a school holiday. I try not to project how Nathan's absence impacts my day-to-day well-being on Julia, but I also think that she is seriously struggling to comprehend what her birthday celebration means to her without her brother.

She has been a lot more vocal about Nathan and expressing how she misses him and wishes he had not died. Most of the time she is pretty matter-of-fact about it all. I think that part of it is that she hasn't had her grief group in several weeks, so she hasn't had that outlet. I really think part of it is also tied to her birthday.

I pray that she is able to feel his presence at some point today, and know that her brother loves her and is celebrating on her day.


Matt Dick said...

I'm sorry I never commented on this -- I'm so sorry for Julia, but I have great hope that her desire to talk it out will help her deal with it all. She's sweet.

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