I played in the basement with the girls yesterday afternoon. I wouldn't have been able to do it, but I got out of the house yesterday afternoon for some me time. Julia had all of Nathan's Hess trucks out. It was very difficult for me to play with them. Nathan really loved those trucks. I have to admit they are really cool. And I closely associate them with last winter's hospital stay in NY. That is where he accumulated a lot of them. So not only were they toys that Nathan really loved, but they also bring up bad hospital memories. Julia has been so starved for a playmate and it was encouraging to see her want to do something other than play computer games or watch TV, so I settled down and we played a little game with Nathan's toys. It was tough at first, but got easier. And Julia and Lauren both smiled and laughed a lot.


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I love the Hess vehicles. We stopped at a Hess station on our trip to the Southeast and I realized that I will always associate Hess with Nathan. It's funny to have warm feelings towards a gas station.