Everyday things that hurt

I hate setting the table for dinner. I never used to hate setting the table. I know Nathan will always be a part of our family as we all carry him in our hearts and in our memories, but when things come up that make me count or recognize the number of family members present physically, well that just hurts. There are supposed to be five places set at our table. Five. Not four.


Matt Dick said...


Years ago there was a movie with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Gene Hackman. His wife/her mother dies unexpectedly in the beginning of the film, and there is a scene Hackman plays so powerfully later in the movie that it affected me quite a bit. He comes across a note on his refrigerator that his wife had a dental appointment that day. It was the everyday-ness of the event that got to the character, and Hackman is a genius at showing you why that was a bigger deal at that moment than something more obvious like a sympathy card.

JimII said...

yeah, that sucks.

Jaime said...

For some reason reading that post has me fighting back tears.

I'm so sorry.

Melissa said...

WOW Luke, your post also had me fighting tears. ((HUGS)) I think of your family often and hope that you find peace and comfort.