Susan was fortunate to have a nice dream one night about Nathan. I share a bed with her, so I know that her nights aren't usually good like that one. I hardly ever remember my dreams. Over the last few days/nights I've come to the realization that I'm having a recurring dream. These are the ones that I eventually become aware of. They happen over and over again until I begin to be aware of them and the longer they replay the more I tend to remember. Yes, it is a bit like one of those Star Trek eps where the crew is caught in a temporal loop and finally realize it once the deja vu feeling becomes overpowering.

Each night I wake up and I have dreamed Nathan's death. It is strange though, because the details are all wrong. I won't go too much into the details because it is really pretty terrible, but things are different than they really happened. For example, in my dream it is nighttime instead of morning. Strangest of all may be that in my dream he dies on Susan's birthday.

This is a dream I could do without remembering and one that I wish would stop replaying each night.

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Josh Gentry said...

What I find really odd about dreams is their power to affect me long after I've woken up and know it was just a dream. Junior year at NU there was a thing in my private life that upset me, and I started having, I wouldn't call it a recurring dream, but dreams on a recurring theme. They upset me enough that after a few nights I tried to just not go to sleep. Didn't work. I'd finally fall asleep have the dreams anyway, then have to operate on 2 hours sleep. They stopped after a couple weeks. They didn't just stop, though. That was odd, too. There was a definite cure. Not one you could try, though. And not one that I'll post in public.