Jack Brown

Going back and forth to New York over the years we have met a lot of wonderful people. This Fall we met a wonderful little five year old boy from London named Jack Brown. When we met Jack he was receiving the standard 3f8 antibody treatments for neuroblastoma. Later in the Winter Jack was back after having relapsed in his brain. MSKCC has a very promising clinical trial for brain relapse. It is similar to the "hot" antibody that Nathan received, but in the brain version they introduce lower levels of radiation directly into the brain. Several kids have had great responses.

The last time I saw Jack I was walking through the dining room at the Ronald. I had just grabbed a sandwich and was in a hurry to get somewhere. He was sitting at a table eating by himself and he cheerily stopped me and insisted I join him. I was in a hurry, but just because that was the habit. I really didn't have anywhere to be right away, so I joined him and had a nice lunch with Jack and his Dad.

Jack and his family traveled to New York immediately after learning of his relapse and as a result are having trouble making their stay here legal in terms of visas and such.

The BBC just did a short story about Jack. Parts of it that aired were filmed at the Ronald and at MSKCC. One of the doctors on the neuroblastoma team, Dr Kramer, is interviewed. Dr. Kramer heads the study that Jack is enrolled in.

Here is a link to the BBC story.
Here is a link to The Jack Brown Appeal.

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