I don't mean to be too political here. This is a space primarily for me to use to deal with my emotional state when I feel I need the outlet. That being said, I feel pretty strongly about this. For two years running our Federal Government has cut funding for cancer research. Recent proposals will cut funding for a third straight year. I'm not sure where you stand on this administration's tax cuts or the war in Iraq, but perhaps this will give you a little perspective. Some estimates say that our government's proposed funding for cancer research for the next fiscal year is roughly equivalent to 15 hours of spending on the war in Iraq. Funding estimates for neuroblastoma for the fiscal year could be roughly equivalent to funding for 10 minutes of the war in Iraq.

I applaud our researchers. There are certainly some flaws in the system when it comes to clinical trials, but clearly the work our researchers have done has made great strides with cancer treatment. I'm extremely emotionally tied to this issue, but I personally think that we don't put enough importance on continuing the fight against this family of diseases. When one we love gets sick, we want the doctors to know what to do to make them better. We expect that. That expectation isn't reality and if we want it to become reality, someone has to pay for it. We have to pay for it. I want our government to continue to funnel our money to cancer research. If it won't, then we need to increase support to foundations and fundraising efforts that will. Our lives, and the lives of our children that look to us to provide and care for them depend on it.

ABC News did a feature on the proposed budget cuts. If you take the time to watch, you will see that on one of the bullets for programs most in danger from the cuts is "Rare childhood tumors". Nathan's cancer, neuroblastoma, falls squarely into that category.

CureSearch has some basic facts about childhood cancer and the impact of budget cuts. On this page you will also find links that can help you write form or customized letters to your elected officials.


JimII said...

To Rep. Flake:

I just read that you are continuing to do your work on keeping spending in line. List this week’s egregious earmark as $432,000 to the Iowa Soybean Association, and quipping, “This is why Members of Congress make bad bean counters.” Good stuff.

I learned from a friend of mine whose child is suffering from cancer that Congress has proposed to cut spending on childhood cancer research for what would be the third straight year.

This is where your fiscal responsibility and family values can come together. Please continue to oppose wasteful spending on the Iowa Soybean Association, but fight to keep funding for vital research alive.


Senator McCain,

I watched you on Letterman last night. Great work. Dave has been pretty brutal to President Bush, but he obviously admires you for the service you've given our country; maybe he'll be easier on you if you make it into the White House. (Probably not!)

I'm writing you today because I learned from a friend of mine whose child is suffering from cancer that Congress has proposed to cut spending on childhood cancer research for what would be the third straight year.

We can't let this happen. Please prevent this loss of priorities from going forward in the budget negotiations.


Let's everybody else do the same.
The internets are awesome.


Activist Scott said...

I prefer funding for anything to come from private sources rather than the government. I don't like the idea of taxing and spending; it just seems like theft to me. If you're interested in activism, I suggest you go to the Activism Forums.

csteuble said...

Thanks for sending folks to CureSearch.org to send a letter to legislators about the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act. It's an important way to get their attention that this is an important issue, funding this legislation.

Would you mind if CureSearch.org linked to your blog in a future issue of our E-newsletter as an example of folks like yourself getting the word out about the funding cuts?

Luke said...

csteuble, I don't have any way to reach you so assume you will monitor this thread for a response. Yes, you may link to this blog from CureSearch.org. In general this blog is not about awareness and funding issues. It really isn't about anything other than a place where I sometimes post things I need to post for my own peace of mind. Feel free to link away if you find it helpful or appropriate though.

Anonymous said...

This is an email I started. Please copy and paste it and paa it on!

Hello Friend! I hope this letter finds you well.

Today alone, almost 50 families will be told their child has cancer. Their lives will change forever…

This is one of the most serious emails that I have ever written. The month of September is CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS month. The first thing everyone should know is that the government recently cut the budget for research on childhood cancer. As a mother of a little boy who has been battling cancer for almost half his life


In the past 20 years only ONE new cancer medication has been approved for pediatric use. Doesn't this sound like we really need to concentrate on research? They still use the same drugs to fight leukemia that they did in 1973! The United States government needs to get its priorities reorganized! The CONQUER CHILDHOOD CANCER ACT must be passed for all of the children that are battling cancer, for those that will battle cancer, and for all the children that have lost their battle with cancer.

Before you write please visit this site (only after you grab your tissue!):


and write your congressman if you haven't already! Speak from your heart and believe me you'll have plenty to say after you watch this short video!

You can write your congressman via email: http://www.house.gov/writerep/

You will need your 9 digit zip code – don't worry if you do not know it, there is a link you can click to get it. I know your lives are busy but all it will take is 15 minutes and hopefully numerous emails will show congress that we MUST pass the CONQUER CHILDHOOD CANCER ACT!!!

In parting

Children with cancer are like candles in the wind who accept the possibility that they are in danger of being extinguished by a gust of wind from nowhere and yet, as they flicker and dance to remain alive, their brilliance challenges the darkness and dazzles those of us who watch their light.
- Unknown

Thank you – thank you – thank you for reading this email,

Lori, mom to a cancer warrior

Anonymous said...

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