What Child is This?

This morning Nathan and I spent a long time putting together a very cool LEGO rescue helicopter. We listened to Christmas music and he sang or hummed along to every tune in his sweet little voice. He kept telling me which ones were his favorites. He really likes the traditional Christmas hymns, and I couldn't be happier about that. Those are my favorites too. He was so content and happy and I had to keep choking back tears as I listened to him hum those Christmas songs. It made me so happy to hear him, but I couldn't help but wonder if I would get to hear him sing Christmas songs next year. I have to fight off those types of thoughts and get all the joy I can out of these moments. Sometimes it is harder than others.


shadowfax said...

Joy is where it is. When he is happy, take your joy in the moment. Glad to hear that he is feeling good today.


Josh Gentry said...

How sweet.

Shinga said...

No reasonable comment - I just wanted to say that I was moved by this.