Today was a rough day. Nothing rough from the medical angle. No transfusions. No high blood pressure. We slept in. Nathan was a little more bored than usual with the hospital routine. We did crafts. We did a big science project thing we bought in the gift shop. We put together and played a new game that we got in the mail from some friends. We did another craft thing that came in a different package. And we fought a lot. Nathan wanted to blame me for every little thing that annoyed him. Where did I put his Kleenex box? Why did I get crumbs in his bed? Why did I switch where his milk glass and water glass were sitting so he grabbed the wrong one? Why do I have to go check on the laundry again when I just did it?

My Mom is going to make it in tonight. It will be very late. I think Nathan and I are really, really happy she is getting here. We need the break and we need the break in the routine too.

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