As I was riding up to the peds floor in the elevator here last night I was just chatting with some guy about the elevators (quirky). I recognized him. He said, "You are a fellow here, right?". It is funny how the occupation of doctor holds such a place in our esteem and psyche...or at least mine. I felt like that was a bit of a compliment. Even though he clearly just recognized me because I've been living here for the last 40 days, I felt complimented because he mistook me for a doctor.

Tonight there was something minor going on with Nathan (A slightly elevated heart rate that is no big deal). The nurse told me she would inform the doctor that was on tonight. I asked who was on. She said, "Oh? I don't remember her name. I've seen her around a bunch though. She is a fellow." I don't think the nurses are so impressed with young doctors.


Susan said...

That is funny!

Was the "quirk" the way the elevators bounce when they stop at each floor? I have gotten nauseous on that #1 elevator that is just to your left when you leave the floor. Or is the "quirk" where the doors repeatedly open until you forcefully push them shut? something else?

Mom said...

Or is it the "quirk" when you get to the first floor and something falls on top of the elevator with a huge bang and everyone runs out of the elevator hoping nothing is falling through the top?

Luke said...

No. It was the quirk where two elevators make the same stops. Our elevator was slightly behind. We kept stopping on a floor only to see the other elevator close and begin up with no one for our elevator to pickup. This happened three times between 1 and 9.

Matt said...

Those elevators are very strange. First of all, they aren't the same. There are six (8?) of them in the same bank and there are maybe three different interior styles. Then they can sometimes take at least five minutes to arrive, but some of them move from floor to floor at basically terminal velocity. And one of them to the left in the middle opens the doors at least six inches from being at a full stop.

Oh, and what Kathy said about the crashing... that's definitely not normal.