St. Baldrick's

We spent a great weekend in Chicago. The main reason we went was to spend time with family and friends but the reason we picked this particular weekend was that our friend Matt was shaving his head to raise money for pediatric cancer research. St. Baldrick's is a tremendous and I think overlooked event. Kudos to Matt who personally raised over $5,000. Matt does this because he believes it is a worthy cause, but he also does it as a way to show support for Nathan and our family when at times I know our friends feel like they can't really help us. Thanks, Matt.

The event that Matt participates in is at Fado Irish Pub in downtown Chicago and by the time everything is counted they think they will top $200,000. It is a great time. Nathan particularly enjoyed the event and even got to help shave Matt's head. He had a great time. I think on some level he knew he was someplace that he normally wouldn't be allowed to be in. The kids got to sit and drink pop and munch on bar food. The event organizers were happy to have a cancer kid in the house and all of Matt's friends that came out really made the kids feel comfortable while they were there.

Special thanks to Matt and everyone who gave to his fundraising.

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