This was shaping up to be a hectic and busy day before it started. We have landscapers coming this morning to begin a total re-landscape of our backyard. We are thrilled to have it done, but have just a little reason to be a bit concerned about how smoothly things might go. Susan has a busy day with the girls *and* is scrambling to prepare to leave on a trip with them very early tomorrow morning. I've got too much on my plate and we are in our most critical crunch time of any project. Lauren woke up screaming and cranky. Julia broke down and sobbed because we told her Susan can't sit next to her on the airplane at takeoff (the three of them are flying on a small jet configured with two seats on either side of the aisle). She just sobbed but couldn't articulate what made her upset about that.

So that is how today was shaping up. Then I sat down a little early to work and my Outlook calendar decided it should remind me that it is one week until Nathan's birthday. Like I needed the reminder.

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