Grieving is hard (the pain, depression, emptiness, anger, PTSD-like flashbacks, etc, etc, etc).

Grieving itself is not hard to do though. In fact, it is easier to do than to intentionally work on correcting or healing those wounds caused by grief or the events leading up to it (damaged relationships, neglected relationships, forming some kind of routine that feels normal, focusing on what you have to feel blessed about rather than the loss, etc, etc, etc).

How is that for a trap? It is the most terrible thing ever and while it is natural and necessary, aspects of it continue to erode and harm. And yet it is easier to succumb to it than it is to fight it.

And I don't buy the talk about not getting through it until you "embrace it" and whatever other fluffy spins people may put on it. I get that it is natural and necessary, but it is just another necessary struggle in an already long list of struggles.

Now only if I could start fighting the fights that I want to fight instead of this one...

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Tammy said...

I can totally see where it would be easier to stay in the greiving. I like the saying "The only way out is through". But, I bet the "through" for a parent who has lost a child is downright hell. I say I bet...I KNOW...just not from personal experience. There are no great words to give...but wanted you to know I hear you and I want the best for your life. Whatever you choose the best to be at any given moment.