I seem to post here a lot about how I wish things were. Or rather, I seem to post about how I think about things, not necessarily how I actually feel about things. I want and try to cherish each and every one of these days, but the truth is that much of every day really does just suck. The days are so long. It is crazy how long each and every day seems. They drag on forever. I got up with Nathan at 4:30 am the other morning to do something for him and I knew I wasn't going back to sleep so I stayed up. Now *that* was an even longer day. At the end of each day I don't want to go to sleep because I know I'll just have to get up and do it all again.

I took a three hour nap yesterday. I didn't mean to. I just laid down for a short rest and crashed. I think it was perhaps one of the best and most restful stretches of sleep I've had in awhile.