Shared room

Nathan moved to a shared room yesterday. The private room had been such a luxury. I don't think Nathan's roommate sleeps. I finally drifted off to sleep while he was still up talking with his father, light on, and to be fair, obviously dealing with medical issues with his nurse. Nathan woke up at around 4am to use the restroom. Roommate was awake.

As I laid there trying to get to sleep, I took some sick pleasure in thinking that this morning when we were awake at a normal time (because Nathan went to sleep early) and they were trying to sleep after having stayed up, that Nathan and I would not try overly hard to be quiet and keep them from sleep.

When I woke up this morning...roommate was awake.

Nathan complained when trying to go to sleep, but fell right asleep. They kept me up. I'm hating this.


Matt said...

Except for those who are likely to read this, roommates, in general, suck to have.

Jill O said...

Here Here! I had one roommate. Never again after that!

Luke said...

Sleep was much better last night. Roommates settled down not long after 10pm, right when I was settling down. They kept their light off and slept. I think Susan's theory that the kid (late teens probably) was pretty doped up on pain medication that his schedule and volume were just thrown way off may have been right.