Lead Shield

Tonight I'm sleeping behind a lead shield. Or perhaps Nathan is sleeping behind a lead shield and I'm sleeping in front of it. Either way, there is a lead shield between me and my son as we lay down to sleep. Radiation should be cleared tomorrow night enough not to need it. I don't like it. There really isn't much not to like. I can hear him. I'm really not any farther from him than usual sleeping here in the hospital. I can look around the edge to see him. I can step around by his bed and sit with him if he needs me. There is really something that bothers me about the forced separation. It is odd. If we were at home I would want him sleeping in his room far away from me (relative to how closely we sleep here in the hospital).

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Bethany said...

Home has secutiry. At home, you have the feeling that no matter how far away he is from you, as long as he is in the house, he is safe. The hospital is the antithesis of that.