Sprinkler Jump

Sprinkler Jump
Sprinkler Jump,
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Well, I've been suspiciously quiet over here...especially given the recent relapse. I've drafted a few things and then deleted them before publishing. It isn't that I don't want to share here, it is that I just haven't been able to formulate anything that seems to me to capture what I'm really thinking/feeling.

I don't mean to diminish the impacts of chemo here. Some chemos are tolerated well. Some are rougher than others. Some take some time to hit. No matter how hard or not hard chemo hits a body, it all sucks because of the mental and emotional impact of *why* the chemo is being given. The nurses say this cycle that Nathan is on will start to hit him in the next couple of days in terms of feeling bad. I'm sure it would have kicked my ass already.

Here is a picture of a 6 year old boy on day 2 of a 5 day cycle of chemo jumping through the sprinklers. He is coping well. He is bummed and emotional and probably a bit scared although he hasn't really talked about that aspect. He does still carve out some space for fun, and last night it was in the sprinklers...at least until we told him it was time to come in for his bath and bed and he melted down.

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shadowfax said...

Great for him! I'm glad he's still feeling well. Tell him Eamon sez "hi." Hope the next few days are not too bad for you all.