The Lighter Side

Believe it or not, there is a lighter side to all of this. Sure, it is a forced lighter side. There is some truth when people say, "Well...you have to be able to laugh about it or you will go crazy." I have been thinking about how to convey that lighter side here and I'm drawing blanks. I have shared the humor in this ordeal with Susan, occasionally with other cancer families, and on very rare occasions with close friends. For now, I'll just have to keep thinking about what would or could be appropriate for a mostly non-cancer family audience. And you will have to take me on my word that occasionally through this ordeal there are shining moments when it can all be laughed at.


Susan said...

Well there is a whole list of "you know you are the parent of a cancer kid when". I think those are pretty humorous but I don't know if anyone else would think so. Some of my favorites - because they have happened:

1. You carry a tube of EMLA in your purse instead a tube of lipstick.

2. You can sleep anywhere, and anything that reclines more than 15 degrees looks "comfy."

3. You don't realize the sharps container is on the kitchen table until half-way through dinner.

4. Your 2-year-old knows where all of the medical equipment goes and how to use it.

5. You can eat with one hand while you hold the barf bucket with the other.

6. You notice that all the bookmarks in your house are alcohol pad packets,
and the bathtub toys include several different sizes of medical syringes.

7. You wrap presents and packages with medical tape

Cool Hand Luke said...

Thanks. Those are good. I love having bags and boxes around the kitchen and dining room with the big "biohazard" warning sign. Good examples.