I'm not quite sure where this is going, or if it will go anywhere. When I began a night in the box, I thought that I would post there about the types of things I now intend to post here. Blogging at a night in the box became fun for me very quickly and I don't think this place is about fun.

So, what is "Cancer Dad" all about then? Cancer Dad, I think, will be about me. This will be a place where I can selfishly post about how life dealing with a child with cancer impacts me as a person, father, and husband. There will certainly be things here about how it all impacts other members of the family, and especially Nathan, but I'll focus here on my perspective and, who knows, maybe it will even help me deal a bit. You see, whatever the appearance might be, I don't always do so well with this stuff.

So, I'm hoping to be truthful and honest. I'm hopeful that this may prove helpful to me and possibly be interesting to others. It may turn out to be neither, but I suppose that is the unknown that all blogs start with. What I don't expect is for this to be much fun to read. I can hope for interesting, but I doubt it will be fun. There are times when humor is appropriate and necessary in this struggle, and that may come out here at times, but this isn't planned to be about fun.

Again, this is a complete experiment. I may prove to not have the ability to be as open as I think I will need to be for this to either be helpful to me or interesting to others. If that is the case, then the blog will probably whither and die. So, stay tuned I guess...

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