Things not to say when expressing sympathy to someone about their lost love one

"I hope he didn't suffer much."


Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Each Wednesday at Being Cancer.net we feature a Guest Blog. This week we are highlighting neuroblastoma with two guest posts. The first is by Connie Powell, mother of Miss Madelyn, who recounts what the experience of diagnosis was for her and her family. In the second a twenty-four year old NB survivor, Erik Ludwinski, reflects on how cancer has affected his young life. I know that neuroblastoma has a strong blogging family. So thought you might be interested in visiting. Also please visit the “Neuroblastoma” section of our blogroll, Cancer Blog Links, to see if your site is listed. www.beingcancer.net
Take care, Dennis

孤單 said...


Sarah said...

That is an impressively shitty thing to say.

Cathy said...

I wondered if you ever visit Dr. Smak's blog? She and her husband lost their 4 year old son a year ago this last Feb. to brain cancer. She just wrote a blog post about this very topic.

People can be so cruel in the things they say. I'm sure most of them say things like this when they don't know what to say. Sometimes saying nothing at all is the right thing.

I am so sorry for what you and your family have went through.

Here is a link to Dr. Smak's blog if you would like it.