Sometimes I write something and think it captures what things are like and possibly gives readers a glimpse into the life and how it is for me. Most of the time I fail. There is a Boston cancer dad, Will's Dad, that really just hits the nail on the head in a lot of his writing.

Many people have asked me about our summer plans lately. We don't make plans. We avoid plans. Planning is bad. Planning brings the fear and the worry bubbling right on up. Will Lacey's father nailed it in his post, Save the date! Nov 28 2073. He called a preschool to prepare for Will's entry in the Fall.
If I just called a restaurant to book a reservation for my 100th birthday celebration in 2073 I would feel less awkward and weird than I do right now after that call. In any event, we’ve been asked to call so we’ve done it.
That is exactly it. That is how I feel about any talk that involves Nathan's future, no matter how soon in the future the talk may be about.


Tristan said...

Hi there- I stumbled upon your blog while doing research for a current activism project I am undertaking.

This summer, four friends and I will be cycling from Virginia to Oregon, carrying all of our gear, and camping the entire way. We are doing this as a means to raise funds, which will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Our organization, Coast to Coast for Hope, raised over $40k through its previous ride, and we hope to better that number this year. We decided the best way to spread the word would be to undertake a journey in which we could best represent the courage, strength, and resilience of those we have seen battle cancer.

As a blogger, you have ways of reaching out to the world. Anything you could do to spread our message would be greatly appreciated.

Our website is http://www.coasttocoastforhope.org
and you can reach me at:


Luke said...

Tristan, I think it is a great thing that you are doing and I'm certainly supportive of the ACS, but it is not an organization that focuses on childhood cancer. If I'm going to "pimp" fund raising efforts they will be for those organizations focused on eradicating childhood cancers.

I do think you are doing a great thing. I have a friend that biked coast to coast once. I'm not sure he has ever been on a bike again. Enjoy the trip.

curly said...

I have been lurking on your blog for just over a year now.

My heart ACHES for you and your family. I have NO CLUE what it is like to have a child go through this or be a supporter of a close family member who has, however I myself went through cancer (hodgkin's) immediately following the birth of my 1st baby.

I know how it can take a toll on you, the family and the one who is sick. But as far as your heart breaking for your child, I can only offer you the comfort of me and my family praying for you.

So, please know that you and your family are CONSTANTLY in my thoughts and prayers.