And the voice

All four first grades at Nathan's elementary school participated in a musical last night entitled "Marsh Music". There were ninety-four first graders participating and two "featured" roles. Nathan snagged one of those featured roles and he even had a line to memorize. He did fabulous...of course.

I had a wonderful time watching Nathan and the rest of his schoolmates. I just tried to soak it in, just like I try to soak it in when he sings in "big church" with his choir. I'm going to miss a lot more performances by Nathan than I will ever get to see. That reality can put a lot of pressure and odd emotion on the ones that we are experiencing in the here and now. Last night, for me at least, Lauren was a big factor in just settling in to enjoy it. She absolutely loved the entire thing. She perked up and paid attention as soon as the kids started singing and she clapped along to each song and applauded with the crowd at the end of the songs. For awhile she was even up dancing along in the aisle. She giggled and directed and when she recognized her big brother out there in front of all the other kids she laughed and pointed. It was a good night.

Nathan's line was:
And the voice was a varied and stirring one that ought to be better known.
As he was memorizing and practicing the line it struck me that Nathan has a wonderful voice that won't get the opportunity to be well known. As I thought about it more I'm taking some comfort in that Nathan's story and spirit are known to many through the wonderful community of people that has grown to support him and our family. It is a cold comfort but I guess I'll take what I can.

Best "featured blackbird" ever.

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Anonymous said...

HE IS THERE!!!, Luke. Just hugh him, and kiss him, and talk to him, and listen his words. The present is in your hands. Don´t miss a second thinking about the future. Who knows about it, boy!!!!