Goodbye Gemma

I've met children that have died from this disease. I've followed the stories of lots of kids that have died from this disease. Gemma was different. I'm always sad when I hear that they are gone, but with Gemma we had a special bond. We met her and her wonderful family this past Fall in NYC. She was an amazing and beautiful little girl from Barcelona. She immediately found a place in our hearts and in a short time we grew to love her.

Gemma died on January 25, 2007.

Goodbye, Gemma. We love you.

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dolors hernadnez said...

Thank to be so patient and lovely to my swity Gemma.
As you know she was always looking after you, and loved to be just one more from your special family.
When I think of you I see Gemma always over your legs, like one more daughter. I always smile when I think in that situation.